Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Youth

After reading this article I understand a lot about helping out the youth. I have been working with children for 11 years and I know all about the changes that have been made. When I first started working in child care it did not matter if you had a degree or not. I mean in order to work in a classroom it did not matter. The way lesson planning was done was simple and there were no guides on what you needed to have in it. Requirements of DCYF have changed over the years as well. Now we have to have some type of degree in order to be a director, lead teacher, head teacher or even an educational coordinator. If you have no educational degree then you are just considered an assistant teacher. I know my center is only hiring if you have a degree. We are required to take classes based on the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards and to make sure our curriculum is aligned with them as well. Bright stars is a program that is now required for almost all daycares to be part of. I have to say without bright stars we would of never been able to get a grant to upgrade the classrooms or most recently receive one to redo the playground. We have to have these items in place in order to make sure our children are getting the best, quality and effective learning. Not only for the youth, by having programs in place to help them (youth in action or project night vision). There are also programs out there to help the younger students as well (resilient kids, the Sherlock center). I know that with my degree in youth development and other trainings I may receive will help me to be a better educational coordinator.

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