Wednesday, December 9, 2015

my 1st event

the first event I did was during the summer, but ended in October. Due to my job I am required to take classes for the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards. the class I took was called Implementing a standards based classroom. this class was 36 hours, Wednesdays from 5:30-8:30 from July until October. we talked about the nine domains and what each meant. we had a binder and had articles to read each week as well as doing a lesson plan for different topics. we learned what four parts make up a curriculum...context, content, process and teaching and facilitating. I also had to do a project based on the for parts of the lesson plan and present it. we then talked about the different ways to do assessments on the children in the classroom. from taking this course i have implementing a new lesson plan format based on the standards, we post the standards up for the parents, send home family fun cards, we do observations on each child everyday and have binders for children's work. A good site to check out would be: and this site actually has the standards on it and courses to take for the RIELDS.

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