Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Danger of a single story

This was my first time listening to this TED talk. I liked how she talked about how different cultures affected her. Society has put in our minds that different cultures are different and we judge them. Everyone is different, everyone does things their way, their culture is important to them, so we should not judge. Youth get a bad name because that is what society says. We as adults need to help guide the youth by being the example. I particularly do not have a story to talk about, but I do have one of a person trying to help the youth. Kobie Dennis is the founder of project night vision, located in Providence at the Salvation Army Building. He has been working to get the youth, 13-18 year olds off the streets at night. He has done midnight basketball in the summer, does fundraising to help the youth with school supplies and prom dresses. I have heard other people around me talk bad about the youth, but I also hear judgements all the time. Sometimes I feel like people take advantage of me because of who I am. I carry myself well and have worked very hard to get to where I am today. I basically brush it off and not let it get to me. On a last note: "Stories can break the dignity of a people, but stories can also repair that broken dignity." This is a powerful statement and I wanted to end my blog with it.


  1. Chrisitina,

    You made a great point Society does have an impact on how other's view one another. I also agree that we can change this by being a positive role model that can influence the way they think. Everyone has a story, embracing for some may be more or less relatable and being aware of this is important.

  2. Powerful statement to end your blog with it. Some people are quick to judge and no so quick to listen. We hear one story about youth and we automatically decide,"Oh, that's the problem with youth today. They have no respect for authority figures, or anybody else". We live in a sterotypical, privileged, and oprressed society.

  3. I love the quote you ended your post with Christina, very powerful!

  4. Hi Christina
    Just wanted to start off with saying great post this week. You hit many key points in your blog. One thing that you stated that stood out to me was, "We as adults need to help guide the youth by being the example." This ties back to what we have been talking about in class, working WITH youth no to youth. I also agree with Kate, very powerful ending quote.